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I think I might just explode happiness right now. At camp we did lose our Camp Director, which is kind of sad, but I had a feeling we would. I also had a feeling T-Rav would take over. AND OH MY FUCK HE DID. Travis was my Aqua Director my first year (2010) and then last year (2011) he went back to a different camp. And now he’s back at Ross and is the Camp┬áDirector. LIKE OH MY FUCK. This gives me all rights to harass him. My big bros, Earle and Mike, and I are going to harass the shit out of him just like we did in 2010.

And to top this all off: MY MORMONS ARE BACK. They said last summer they were unsure if they were coming back and now…aishkjeeeebdbkjsbkbkfbsdj MY MORMONS. Harrison, Cole, Byrce, EVEN OMNI. I’m just exploding.

Plus it sounds like we’re getting Mike. And Earle is swinging towards camp because of T-Rav and Omni. And the Hanson trio, which I don’t if it’s a good thing, but we need as many returning staff as possible. Plus Andy will flip shit when he sees Travis. He’ll be like, “Are you fucking with me?” and then just die laughing. I also hear we’re getting Ansel. I think Duane too. Like I am so fucking excited now. I really don’t give a shit were Travis puts me. The next two weeks are going to be a nightmare. I’m going to stay attached to my phone by the hip waiting for a phone call.

I’m just so haaapppyyy.